24FT 14K Paperclip Raw Chains


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Are you searching for a gift for the woman in your life? Then, don’t worry we have got you covered. You can buy a chain that has multi-purposes. It can be used as a piece of body jewelry, bracelet, necklace, and any other accessory. 

The chain has golden paperclips and is made up of 14k dainty gold which gives a classy and sparkly look in real life. If you are buying it then you can carry it anywhere and if you are gifting it to someone then its uniqueness is going to charm them. You can add pendants in them too. 

If you are worried that the color will fade then you are worrying for no reason because it is a brass colored very light paperclip raw chain that can sustain 2 years of continuous use. To protect the product it is packed in a firm PET box. There is a free return for 60 days or you can exchange. 


2mm*6mm small link, 3mm*9mm big link


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