S925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Care And Clean

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This article is about S925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Care And Clean,

hope it will help you maintain your Silver Jewelry better!

When you don’t want to wear your 925 Sterling silver jewelry.

You need to make sure to keep your silver jewelry well packaged in clean and dry.

Keep Your S925 Silver Jewelry away from the air will reduce the chance of getting oxidized.

S925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Care And Clean

No water or Irritant liquid.

Silver Jewelry or any other precious metal jewelry, are better not touch with water or Irritant liquid.

When you are in thermal springs, you need to take off your Sterling Silver Jewelry.

Because thermal springs contain a lot of sulfur.

It’s not OK to wear your Silver jewelry when taking the show, as the soap more or less has sulfur too.

Especially for those Sterling Silver which has gemstone, crystal, Cubic Zirconia, etc.

Because water will get into the connected parts of Silver and stones then make your jewelry fall apart soon.

S925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Care And Clean

For glaze S925 Sterling Silver Jewelry’s daily clean.

You can use soft paper or cloth to clean your Jewelry in one way roll,

that will reduce the scratches.

It’s best to use Professional Silver polishing cloth!

S925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Care And Clean

How to use Silver washing water?

If your Silver jewelry been oxidized and looks less shine.

You can use Silver washing water to bring your jewelry shine again!

First, put your silver jewelry in silver washing water for 3 seconds or a little longer if the oxidized is really bad.

Second, rub it for a moment, then clean it with fresh water and use a cloth to dry it.

Finally, put into alkaline water like soap water, for a second.

Then use fresh water to clean it again.

Why? Because alkaline can neutralize the Silver washing water’s acid!

Attention Please!

Don’t use this way to old or ancient silver jewelry.

As Silver washing water may cause undone harm to those precious.

Also, you need to be careful to use Silver washing water for the jewelry which has stones,

don’t let the water touch the connecting parts.

S925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Care And Clean

How to clean for ancient craft-work Sterling Silver Jewelry?

use Silver polishing cloth is good enough.

Do not use silver washing water to clean your ancient Silver jewelry!


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